Cooking Exhaust Cleaning Procedure List

  1. Prep cook line area for hood cleaning.
    a) Remove equipment if necessary.
    b) Extinguish pilot lights that will make direct contact with boards in step 1c.
    c) Place boards over cook equipment to protect personnel from any residual heat and to protect equipment from personnel’s direct weight.

  2. Remove grease filters or extractor boxes from the hood.
    a) Inspect filters / extractors and clean as necessary if included in the price.

  3. Set up plastic funneling on hoods for wastewater collection.
    a) Set plastic to funnel to the floor drains or waste containers whatever is appropriate.
    b) If containers are used wastewater will be pumped to nearest approved drain.

  4. Pull pressure washer hoses onto roof.

  5. Open fan access panels and duct access panels or tip fan off base to expose blades and duct.

  6. Pressure wash exhaust fan blades and housing.

  7. Pressure wash all accessible areas of the exhaust duct from the roof panels or fan base opening.

  8. Close access panels for duct and fan or tip fan back onto base.
  9. Lower pressure washer hoses from roof.

  10. If exhaust duct has any ceiling access then open up ceiling duct access panels if safely accessible.
    a) Pressure wash all safely accessible areas of the exhaust duct from the ceiling access panels.
    b) Close up duct access panels in ceiling.

  11. Pressure wash exhaust hood.

  12. Drain any residual water from exhaust hood grease channel.

  13. Remove plastic funneling from hood.

  14. Wipe water drips from hoods and buff with terry cloth towels.

  15. Put back cleaned hood filters.
    a) If filter cleaning is included in the price.

  16. Restore cook line
    a) Remove boards from cook line.
    b) Re-light pilot lights extinguished in step 1b.
    c) Roll back and reconnect any moved equipment.

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